Prismatica is a colorful puzzle game with a brand new twist inspired by Rubik’s Cubes, Sudoku, Dodecahedrons and way too much caffeine.

Prismatica's simple gameplay and deceptively challenging puzzles will tickle the brains of both beginners and veterans alike.


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About the Game

Prismatica is a puzzle game with a brand new twist, inspired by Rubik’s Cubes, Sudoku, Dodecahedrons and way, way too much caffeine, where the goal is to unscramble a series of puzzle boards by rotating multicolored pieces to match a logical pattern. It’s easy to learn and simple to play but surprisingly deep and difficult to master at later levels, presenting even the most veteran of puzzle enthusiasts with brain-tickling challenge.

Prismatica's aesthetic design and feel is intended to be calm and essentialist, presenting the player with a pure puzzle to focus on solving in a flowing natural way. A hauntingly beautiful soundtrack by award winning indie folk musician Svavar Knutur reinforces the stoic atmosphere of contemplation and mental challenge presented by the deceptively simple looking puzzles.

(...and "marketspeak"-to-english translation)

  • Brand new & innovative puzzle type
    (i.e. not consciously copied or cloned from other games)
  • Old-school rotational chromatic combination mechanism
    (i.e. you turn colored stuff in circles to win)
  • Clean essentialistic style and design aesthetics
    (i.e. "minimalistic" games are SO 2013. Essentialism is what all the cool kids nowadays call having a tiny art budget... also; 100% pixel art and chiptune free)
  • Breathtakingly beautiful music by award winning indie folk musician Svavar Knutur
    (i.e. I cornered the most talented musician I know while tipsy and bugged him relentlessly until he agreed to let me use some of his music. But to be fair, he is REALLY good... just check out the link)
  • Simple gameplay that's easy to learn
    (...since you can really only do one thing; rotate stuff but the words "easy" and "simply" apparently appeal to casual gamers)
  • Challenging puzzles that can be difficult to master
    (i.e. it took me 7 tries to get through the second level of the first prototype until I "got" the trick to it and I still can't solve some of the more difficult levels myself even though I've mathematically proven them to be "solvable". Also; the word "challenging" and "difficult" appeals to hard-core gamers and puzzle enthusiasts.)
  • Intuitive and straightforward controls
    (i.e. my 18 month old son got that you just poke at stuff and move it with your fingers and my 3 year old daughter could actually solve most of the first few levels)
  • Calmly tackle 48 lovingly hand crafted puzzles in your own time or test your wit and speed in the new Challenge Mode
    (i.e. adding a time and moves countdown really pumps up the stress levels)
  • Supports landscape & portrait orientation and anything in between
    (...for that one handed thumb action on your phone or split screen shenanigans)
  • Includes color blind mode for added accessibility
    (...because the damn dress was apparently blue the whole time!)

Stuff People May Have Said

"The most amazing game I ever played!!!"

Guy on Reddit, talking about Super Meat Boy

Please stop emailing me for quotes to put on your page! I don't know you and I haven't even seen your game and this is getting kind of stalker creepy! Where did you get this email address anyway?"

Tim Schafer, Double Fine

"Wow! This is MUCH better than the other crap you made me try. Almost like a real game and everything."

My wife, during Playtesting

"Wait, what...? How does this work again?"

Mom, during Playtesting

"Great! It kind of reminds me of playing with a Rubik's Cube. Can I share this prototype with my Rubik's Cube Club? "

Random early Playtester on Facebook

"Honey? Do you think I need to put any REAL reviews and quotes on the landing page?"

Me, when building this page

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